Dice Winning Strategy

Dice winning strategy includes things to remember before playing Bitcoin dice – in particular, strategies on how to win dice. Gamblers everywhere find this game profitable and, at the same time, easy to learn and understand. Knowing these game characteristics, you will have a good time playing, especially if you are armed with the winning tactics that may make you win big.

Overview of Bitcoin Dice rules

Dice Winning Strategy

If this is the first time you have heard of this game, then you do not have to worry because we will give you an idea on how to play Dice. The general rule here is that you need to decide what number to bet on and the amount of your bet. There are two ways to decide which number you are going to bet on: roll over and roll under. Once you’ve made your decisions, you can start hitting the roll dice button.

You will find several versions of this game, but you can expect that they follow the same rules mentioned here. This is now where the dice winning strategy comes in. It is a tactic that you need to know in order to win this game. While it is true that a random number generator operates all dice games, you can increase your chances of winning by creating a plan based on the strategies here.

Play for fun first; know the odds

One dice winning strategy is to play for fun first before you play with actual bitcoins. If you think that you can only do this in online slots, most Bitcoin dice sites allow you to play the free game version before you play the actual game. Playing this version gives you an idea on what the game looks like, especially since there are variations of Bitcoin dice games online.

Another reason for you to employ this dice winning strategy is that you can check the odds of the game. Knowing the odds of the game helps you make decisions based on specific scenarios. This will also prevent you from losing more money, since this gives you knowledge of the betting odds which is one big factor in winning.

Look for patterns in the game

As you continue rolling the dice, you might notice some patterns in the game. Another helpful dice winning strategy you can actually use is paying attention to those patterns, as these might lead you to huge wins. A classic example of this is when you see yourself losing in the last 10 rolls with betting under 50, and then you consider starting to bet over 50 to break the pattern. Doing this might as well give you a win you deserve.

Dice Winning Strategy

Other Bitcoin Dice strategies to help you

Moreover, there are specific strategies that you can use when playing this gambling game. The first dice winning strategy is the Martingale, which is easy to understand and learn, as this is one of the most popular strategies for dice. The first thing you need to do is to bet a single unit and stick with it until you lose. And when you lose, double your wager. Once you get a win, you go back to your original wager. Doing this heightens your chance of getting your losses back.

You need to be careful when using this strategy, though, especially when you find yourself in a losing streak. One more dice winning strategy that is similar to Martingale is the D’Alembert. The only difference is that you only increase your bet amount by x1 when you lose on a roll and decrease it by one when you win.

Another tactic that you can use in your Bitcoin dice game is the Paroli. In this strategy, you start with the bet of your choice. When you win on that bet, you can double your next bet until either you lose on the next bet or you are in a winning streak. When either of the two happens, you can rest your bet amount. This is less risky than Martingale and D’Alembert, since the aim of this strategy is to take advantage of the lucky streaks.

Each dice winning strategy mentioned here will help you have a good time playing this amazing dice while getting huge wins. You can try these strategies out the next time you find yourself looking for a dice game using bitcoins.