Dice Tips

Playing Bitcoin dice is indeed fun and exciting. With the right odds in your favor, you may literally walk away with a lucky fortune. However, as with any casino game, learning the mechanics before wagering your bitcoins is a must. If you’re a Bitcoin dice enthusiast looking for some “what-works?” strategy, here’s a list of ‘dice tips’ which you should familiarize yourself with, and at best commit to memory, in order to use to your advantage:

  1. Do learn and understand the game’s basic rules and use them. Although this game tends to rely much more on luck than skill, playing the odds and calculating probabilities are definitely the skill which can help you win the game.
  2. Some inexperienced Bitcoin dice casino players believe that using a dice script is a surefire way to make profit. Actually, it is not. If you make thousands of rolls very quickly, there is a tendency that you could lose a significant portion of your bankroll in just seconds. In addition, many Bitcoin dice scripts have not been thoroughly tested before being shared with the community. Bugs in the script could cause you to lose money. So, be careful not to get lured by these scripts as you are likely to lose over time.
  3. Only wager amounts you can afford to lose. Always decide how much you are willing to risk before placing your bets, and never go over that amount.
  4. Remember that you can always adjust the settings of the game according to your liking. Alter the payouts and win odds to increase your chances of winning.
  5. Always enjoy your game; win or lose, be gracious and have fun. This is one of the best dice tips that you should never forget when playing Bitcoin dice.

Now that you’ve gotten a crash course about some effective dice tips, it’s time to get your feet wet and start playing! Remember to apply these tips and learn the bitcoin dice system so you will have a positive and enjoyable Bitcoin gambling experience.