How to Play Dice

How to play dice gives you all the basic steps you need to take so you can get the best Bitcoin dice experience that you deserve. Bitcoin dice is popular because it has simple steps and anyone can follow this game. If this is your first time playing this game, you have to equip yourself with the essential know-how so you can have a good time playing it.

How to play Dice

Know where to play the game

Before you start knowing the steps on how to play dice, you need to consider a few things. The first one is where to play this game. You will find many sites that offer this game; some are online casinos while some are sites that operate Bitcoin dice game only. Give yourself a time to know more about the site that you wish to play this game at. The odds of increasing your wins are high if you choose to play in a site that offers big bonuses and promotions and low house edge.

Now, here are the steps on how to play dice:

  • Some sites require you to have an account before you can deposit BTC and start hitting the roll the dice button. If this is the case, make sure you sign up. This will require your basic info such as username and password and only takes a few seconds before you can start depositing BTC.

    Meanwhile, some sites do not require signing up, in particular, sites that only offer free Bitcoin dice game. The site will provide you with a wallet address where you can deposit BTC. Whatever site you wish to play at, always remember to put your bet within the minimum and maximum betting range.

    Another important thing that you need to remember is that you need to know if a site requires a specific wallet because some sites prefer one or more specific wallets. Your transactions will be faster if your wallet is compatible with the site. If you still want to play in a particular site that is not compatible with your wallet, you can get a wallet easily since it is free of charge.

How to play Dice

  • When you’re depositing coins, you can start playing the game by choosing your bet. Most sites give you two options: “roll hi/roll over” and “roll lo/roll under”. Other sites, however, have fixed bets and you just have to choose a specific bet with a number.

    One feature of dice game is that it shows you your odds of choosing a bet. Apart from knowing how to play dice, you should know this basic rule: The lower your odds are, the higher your multiplier gets and vice versa.

  • After choosing your bet, the system will generate a random number wherein you will have to see if you bet falls under it. This part determines whether you win or you lose. If your roll’s outcome falls where you placed your bet, then you win; otherwise, you lose. Some sites will give you a loss back amount while some will just let you play more rounds. Before you start another round of rolling the dice, be mindful of the amount of bitcoins in your wallet. You do not want to exhaust all your coins if you find yourself in a losing streak.

Why is it important to know the steps on how to play dice?

These steps on how to play dice will help you win big in this game. Knowing how to play dice will also help you have a good time, even if you do not win big or win at all. These steps are easy to remember and understand, that is why dice is one of the most popular games among gamblers.How to play Dice

Most sites give you the steps on how to play dice, so it will be helpful if you check the FAQ section of sites. You might have noticed that some sites have different variations of the game, so it is better if you visit this section. Once you have equipped yourself with the steps on how to play dice, you are now ready to play, and hopefully win.