How to Play Dice

Before you can earn huge sums of wins in playing Bitcoin dice, it is a must to know the basics on how to play dice. Bitcoin dice is very easy to understand; you don’t have to deal with complex jargons and practice lots of skills to play this game. Although you can use a variety of bitcoin dice system to improve your odds, learning the basics of this game is just a piece of cake.

Even if you haven’t played dice games before, you can have your hand in this game and create a fortune out of it. Just follow these simple steps and you will sure rake in heaps of bitcoins in no time.

4 Steps on How to Play Dice:

  1. Once you are ready to start playing, send your BTC to the dynamically generated wallet address to place your wager. Keep in mind, though, that your wager amount must be within the minimum and maximum range to process your transaction.
  2. Some Bitcoin gambling sites may require you to validate your wallet address by sending the minimum amount of BTC to their wallet address. This is to check if your wallet is compatible; if you don’t get a response or confirmation then your wallet is not compatible. Check this first to avoid hindrances in your future transactions.
  3. When a confirmation is received, you can now choose between ‘Roll-Hi’ and ‘Roll-Lo.’ Select the option you want to place your wager on, and roll the dice.
  4. The betting system will then roll the dice and automatically shows the results of the game. If your prediction is correct, bitcoins will instantly be credited to your wallet. If you lose, try your luck in the next round. Remember that you can play this Bitcoin game provided that you have sufficient amount of bitcoins in your wallet.

As you can see, learning how to play dice is fast and simple. Just absorb these dice rules like the back of your hand and you are sure to have a profitable and enjoyable gambling experience.