DiceCoinWith a wide variety of Bitcoin games to date, Bitcoin dice is definitely one of the most played among Bitcoin gamblers. Simple, fast-paced, and a lot of winnings, this game is definitely no bore with rolling the dice. However, the majority of these Bitcoin dice venues tend to beat around the bush.

For those gamblers who are itching to play dice without the hassle of a complicated interface, DiceCoin.io is the place to be! Not only is it known as one of the most innovative Bitcoin dice sites to date, is it also proud of its user-friendly nature that attracts more players to join its growing community!

Diversity in accepting cryptocurrency

Unlike the majority of Bitcoin dice websites, DiceCoin prides itself on accepting variety of cryptocurrency that cancels out the limitation of virtual currency bettors.

It caters to Bitcoin, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin players! They can select the cryptocoin of their choice by clicking the drop down list located on the upper right corner of the page.

Moreover, users can deposit all the available virtual coins at one account allowing them to bet using BTC, LTC, or DOGE.

The dice site that proves simplicity is beauty

As the Bitcoin casino industry continues to grow, many websites have a habit of making their betting venues aesthetically stunning to stand out among its competitors. However, exhausting too much effort on the physical appeal of their sites, game providers forget to focus on their sites’ gameplay experience, leading to players unsatisfied.

DiceCoin is a straightforward dice site wherein every command is done with just a click. Compared to other existing Bitcoin sites, players are automatically registered once checking into their website.

Sections are virtually evident because of the simple interface of the site, which makes it more convenient to both techy and layman players.

Everything a bettor needs—stats, wallet, profile, and even records of bets—are arranged in one specific place eliminating the hassle of navigating through the website in cases of emergencies.

Roll the dice like there’s no tomorrow

Gameplay wise, this Bitcoin dice is as honest as it gets. No gimmicks, just pure dice fun. Players are given the option to manually or automatically bet.

To elaborate the flow of the game, players must have a sufficient number of coins to start a game. Once balance is secure, they can now start rolling the dice.

For manual bets, players must choose their betting range or “game” that consists of 11 categories. Just like any other dice sites, the game’s objective is the same: land a number that doesn’t fall more than the chosen range.

To manually bet, gamblers can either type in their desired bet or click the 2x, Bet Min (minimum bet required), Bet Max (maximum bet the player can give) that is located beside the type box. Once done, the may now click the roll dice button.

Automatic bets on the other hand, work on a different manner. This time, if bettors chose this option, the system will automatically roll the dice for them. All they have to do is type in their desired number of bets, target profit, and their max loss. They can also indicate their preferred maximum bet limit to further control the outcome of their game.

Exciting dice game specials

Playing on this betting venue also provides players with free cryptocurrencies! All they have to do is to click the faucet button located at the right portion of the page. DiceCoin will be giving away 0.000002 BTC, 0.0002 LTC, and 2 DOGE all for free!

Moreover, players can even maximize the generosity of the site by doing the affiliate program. This feature works as an affiliate program, which players will be given a unique link for them to share. Rewards given will be based depending on how much traffic their unique link made.

Overall, DiceCoin doesn’t need a fancy website to fascinate players. Packed with a very simple yet interactive interface, Bitcoin dice aficionados will never get tired of playing on this website.

Regardless of its simplicity, DiceCoin.io definitely stands out and is one of the best betting Bitcoin casinos to date!