EOSBet Dice Review

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EOSBet: One of the Best dApps to Play Dice on

One dice site that will make you come back for more rolls is EOSBet. This EOS-powered betting hub is a dApp or decentralized app. When you play onsite, all your transactions will be blockchain-based for your convenience and for your cryptocurrencies’ security.

Because of EOSBet’s full utilization of the distributed ledger, you are ensured fast payments and low fees. Plus, you will not have to worry about giving your personal information as this will not be required of you by the dApp. So say goodbye to KYC procedure when you turn to EOSBet.

If this is your first time betting on dice, there is a How to Play section which can explain the game mechanics for you. You also have the option to change the language of the site to Korean, or Chinese.

EOSBet takes pride in its random generation technique. This feature lets you check for yourself that every round is not rigged. All you need to do is provide your custom seed, and the site will give you a unique ID from the site’s smart contracts. Discover more features of this betting site in this review.


To make your bet sessions even more worthwhile, EOSBet awards dividends in EOS or BTC. You will get one BET token for every 20 EOS you wager. If you are using BTC, you will receive 80 BET tokens for every 1 BTC you stake.

Unfortunately, the site does not offer a Bitcoin dice faucet if you are looking for one. You will, however, find the dividends enough to add funds to your bankroll. Better yet, the games have a jackpot prize pool. When you play, you have the chance to take home the Crypto Millionaire Maker Golden Ticket Jackpot on offer.

Withdrawals and Payments

Before you can place a bet on the dice game, or any other game, onsite, you will need to set up your own EOSBet account first, no need for an EOS account. The process won’t take long as you will just need to generate your desired username.

An alternative option is to register using your existing Scatter account. Here, you’ll need the Scatter Google Chrome plugin that will connect your wallet and account to the EOS main blockchain.

Thereafter, the site will provide you with a unique EOS deposit memo of your own, in the form of either a QR code. For BTC payments, just transfer bitcoins to the BTC deposit address given and you’re ready to play.

When all is set, you can then set your BET amount. This is the number of EOS/BTC coins that you will bet. Each time you win, the payout is directly sent to your wallet.

EOSBet does not have a minimum and maximum limit for deposits and withdrawals. And you can always check your transaction records in the History section.

Crypto Currencies Accepted

EOSBet has its own native token called BET token. For you to have this token, you need to deposit EOS or BTC into your account with the dApp. If you do not have EOS or BTC  yet, you can easily convert your funds to this altcoin through EOS- and BTC-friendly exchanges.

Rest assured that when you set up your account with EOSBet, you can play not only the dice game but also the three other games available: Crash, Baccarat, and HILO.


There are a lot of crypto-friendly dice games online. Among the various sites available, EOSBet Dice is one of those that stand out with its dApp nature.

Definitely, EOSBet is one betting hub you should keep an active membership with. Why? Here’s a list summarizing the dApp’s greatness:

  • provably fair betting
  • 4 easy-to-play games
  • No KYC procedure
  • secure payments
  • fast transactions
  • low fees
  • player dividends

The only disadvantage is that EOSBet accepts EOS and BTC only. You will need to convert your funds to EOS first before you can play. Despite this issue, you will find EOSBet a great betting site to test your luck and get entertained.