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Tezos in a platform that offers decentralized applications and smart contracts. It also has a gambling site that lets you play Bitcoin dice. What makes TezDice different from other dice sites is that it makes sure that you benefit from its special rewards to players.

The site is accessible on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices, giving you various ways to play your favorite games anytime you want to. Other than playing dice, you can invest your coins in this site. Just provide the site your bankroll to earn a share of the house edge.


TezDice will not give you typical casino bonuses like welcome bonuses and cash back. On the contrary, you can get your hands on weekly prizes. To get these, all you need to do is become one of the top 10 players for the week. There are random prizes to be given as well.

The dice site lets you play for free. You can get free TEZ coins every 5 minutes. This will happen only 10 times per day.

Withdrawals and Payments

In order for you to make a deposit, simply send your funds to the deposit address provided by the site. Make sure that you get the right address or you will lose your deposit. Take note that you can use the same address to make multiple deposits.

Once you make your deposit, the funds will reflect in your player account after 10 confirmations. Then, you can already place the wager amount and wait for the dice result.

Crypto Currencies Accepted

TezDice only accepts TEZ coins. This means that if you do not have this cryptocurrency yet, you need to convert your funds on your preferred crypto exchange. You can get free TEZ coins from the site’s faucet. Just go to the faucet tab and receive free coins every 5 minutes.


If you have TEZ coins and a fan of dice games, TezDice is the perfect betting site for you. It has a provably fair dice game, TEZ coin faucet, and weekly prices. You can even make multiple deposits using one address. The site is accessible on various platforms so you can play anywhere and anytime you want.

Another interesting offer of this site is that it has an investor based bankroll. This feature allows you to invest and have a share on the gaming site’s house edge. If these features satisfy you, then just register and provide you username, email, and password.