999DiceWith a sky-high payout rate of 99.9%, it is definitely hard to turn away at 999Dice.  It is one of the latest additions to the growing empire of Bitcoin Dice sites online. In simple terms, it is another provably fair bitcoin dice gambling site, but if you look at its features and advantages you will realize that it’s more than that.

99.9% House Payout and 0.1% House Edge

For sure, you can guess now why this site is named 999Dice. This bitcoin dice platform pays 99.9% in every winning roll you will have. Given this, the house edge is kept at the lowest rate possible, which is 0.1%. Compared to other competitors that offer 1% house edge, the statistical difference of 0.9% is huge.

Automatic Betting

Definitely, you can make hundreds of bets instantly processed according to a formula. This is another advantage that 999Dice provides. In fact, up to 200 bets can be placed at a time and of course, this only means faster route to maximize your profits. What’s even better is that bets can be adjusted upwards by a certain percentage and you can also reset it to a base bet value after a win/loss.

Free Coins in the Faucet

You will never run out of bitcoins at 999Dice. They offer a bitcoin faucet that gives 100 satoshis that pays once every hour per account. If you think it’s too small, worry not. The amount and frequency will soon increase since they have just launched the site and they are taking things slowly, but surely. Take note that this is deactivated from time to time when abuses or bots start to capitalize.

Speedy Payment Transactions

No confirmation is needed for you to successfully fund your account in this site. With this, you will be spared from waiting so you can easily satisfy your craves in rolling their bitcoin dice. On the other hand, withdrawals are processed near-instant so expect to receive and enjoy your payouts sooner than later.

Simple and Thrilling Bitcoin Dice Game

You don’t have to learn complicated things just to try your hands at 999Dice’s game. Even with a limited knowledge of Bitcoin Dice systems, 999Dice’s game is very simple and easy. First thing you have to do is select your bet size and chance to win. After this, the potential payout will appear and you can certainly place your bet, either low or high. A lucky number between 0 and 999,999 will be generated. If the digit rolled is within the range you selected, you win.

Other Advantageous Features

Aside from the highlighted offers, 999Dice has more features in store. It offers a chat feature so you can get along with other online players. In addition, bots performing bets are offered for a faster betting experience. Lastly, if offers functionality-wise and multilingual gaming platform that supports languages such as Chinese, Lithuanian, Spanish, Croatian, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, German, Dutch, and English.