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Just DiceOne of the pioneering bitcoin dice sites online is Just-Dice. With a fast-paced dice game given a boost with a low 1% house edge, bitcoin players have flocked in this gaming platform. In addition, not only will the players enjoy a commendable dice game, but also numerous features like no other making this site ideal for bitcoin gamers who wanted to push their luck with Bitcoin Dice.

In-a-Flash Bitcoin Dice Game

What made Just-Dice’s game more attractive to the players is the fact that you can play and win with it in a just a snap. In fact, even novice gamers can try their hands at this game immediately because the steps and rules in playing are readily given. The mechanics of the game is very easy. You just have to choose a lucky number between 0 and 100, set the bet size you prefer, and select whether to ‘roll hi’ or ‘roll lo’. If your prediction is correct, sums of bitcoins will go straight away to your wallet.

Customize Your Profits

In this site, you are the master of your own games. Unlike other competing brands, you are allowed to select the ‘payout multiplier’ or the number of times you wish your calculated profits to be multiplied. Instantly, the ‘chance to win’ or the odds will be calculated for you. On the other hand, you can also select that winnings you want to have if you make a win, and the corresponding ‘bet size’ will be shown. You can play right away even if you have limited understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems.

Enjoy 1% House Edge

At first glance, this is a too good to be true feature. However, Just-Dice has clarified how this is made possible in their site. When a client plays the 50% game and fortunately wins, he/she receives 1.98 times the wager as the profit. If there’s no house edge, the player receives two times the stake. 1.98 is less than 2 so that’s the house edge. This is one of the lowest house edge that a bitcoin dice site offers.

Provably Fair Dice Game

With this feature, you can be assured that there’s no way they can do to cheat the players by picking digits to make you lose. Server seeds are shown publicly after every game so you can use these for instant verification. The process is technical; however, you can find a step by step procedure on how to get this done on the ‘Fair’ page of this site.

Is Just-Dice a scam?

No. They are clean of any fraud or scam issue. You will rarely find complaints about this site online. Their satisfied players can prove you this. In fact, this platform has once been reviewed in a site to know if this is a scam or not. And you will be amazed at how their satisfied players come to the rescue. Even one stated that:  This website is legit !! WTF is it doing here ? Me and others players/investor talk every day to the developer…”

If you want to try your hands at bitcoin dice, Just-Dice is certainly a good choice. This site will never let you down given all the aforesaid features and advantages. For questions, comments, and suggestions, you can send them an email at doog.justdice@gmail.com.