Best Bitcoin Dice

Do you wonder why a lot of people love to play dice games online? Have you ever thought about why they enjoy these games even more with Bitcoin than with fiat currencies? Did you even know that you can actually win Bitcoins with dice? Are you curious about where to find the best Bitcoin dice games? Were you even aware that Bitcoin dice casinos exist? And if they do, do you know that their players can actually become Bitcoin dice affiliates?

Best Bitcoin Dice
All these questions and more will be answered by this very site. Here, we give you all the information you need about virtual online dice played with Bitcoin. Also, we deliver the latest Bitcoin dice news to keep you updated. And if you’re looking for the best Bitcoin dice casinos, we are glad to help you decide when you read our unbiased Bitcoin dice reviews.

What are your Bitcoin dice options?

There are plenty of Bitcoin dice casinos around. Since most of them apply relatively the same game rules, you’ll find that they look like a Bitcoin dice clone army. While one site may look similar to another, all these sites have their unique features. For instance, as one dice site’s faucet dispenses a larger Bitcoin amount, another site’s faucet gives off a lower amount. And while one site offers a lower house edge, another applies a higher house edge.

Definitely, there are Bitcoin casinos that offer not only one but many dice games. Either these casinos offer these titles as their proprietary products or offer them as software titles outsourced from well-known gaming solutions providers. With varied choices of dice, you can switch from one game to another to find the title that will suit best you BTC gambling preferences.

Meanwhile, some of the best bitcoin dice sites allow you to have a quick break from rolling the dice by giving you other game options slots, cards, and table games. You are even lucky if free spins and deposit bonuses are given. These perks are perfect to lengthen your Bitcoin gambling experience, especially with BTC dice.

As a huge part of the Bitcoin gambling industry, no download dice games are made available for easy playing on browsers. Most of these games are even on free Bitcoin dice sites where you can get a feel of the dice casino without having to pull a cent from your pocket. And even if you don’t know how to play dice, you’ll find it easy to learn especially in some dice casinos with a Bitcoin faucet.

Meanwhile, you can also try out a dice simulator. It is a tool which helps you test betting systems. It uses game credits, so you won’t be losing any of your own bitcoins. And once satisfied with the system, you may eventually sign up as a Bitcoin dice casino accountholder. By doing so, you might as well get a jumpstart Bitcoin casino bonus that you can use to enjoy the best Bitcoin games in one place.

But like other games, dice games have a gray area especially for those new to it – that is, how to win dice games. Not surprisingly, there are a handful of players who share their gaming experiences on some best Bitcoin dice sites. From their posts you will learn much about how to win and how to have better chances of winning through the use of the best bitcoin dice strategies like the Martingale and Paroli betting systems.

Although their reviews may come in handy, they are not so easy to find and collate. That is why this site is here to be your one-stop site for everything related to Bitcoin dice. But whether you rely on player reviews or on this site’s info pages, always go for a play at provably fair dice games.

Play the best provably fair Bitcoin dice

Before the advent of provable fairness, players had to trust that the dice casino was playing fair. But since some players started to doubt that the dice outcomes were not really predetermined but rather manipulated, the best Bitcoin dice sites employed the provably fair technology.

This technology helps keep casinos from cheating through a Bitcoin cryptographic known as a hash function. This function allows the players to confirm that the results are truly random. Since the hashes are strong, they are hard to crack – one big proof for this is the Bitcoin network whose cryptography has never been broken yet.

The same hash function also allows the casino to show trustworthiness to the players. Such technology can prove that the casino didn’t change their seed without the player seeing the seed. Also, the provably fair feature has no ‘universal’ formula as every casino does it differently.

For the best Bitcoin dice sites, provable fairness works this way:

  • The server produces a random seed. The number that the casino has chosen is here.
  • The server seed becomes a hash and is sent to the player.
  • The player gives a random seed in return.
  • These two seeds will combine to show the result of the roll.
  • The player can now see the server seed. If the number matches the hash, then the roll is fair.

If the casino changed their number, the seed wouldn’t match, making you realize you incurred loss on purpose. Luckily for you, the provably fair tech is now in the best Bitcoin dice casinos. Now you won’t have to worry about playing with manipulated results.

Get Bitcoin dice bonuses and free bitcoins

The most popular Bitcoin Dice sites are the ones with Bitcoin faucets. A Bitcoin faucet rewards players with some bitcoins by solving a simple problem or completing a captcha. Such task is needed to stop players from refreshing the faucet and claiming the coins all for themselves.

In some of the best Bitcoin dice sites, though, players just need to click the faucet button to get some free bitcoins. Commonly, faucets give out satoshis which are the smallest Bitcoin unit. In one Bitcoin, there are 100 million satoshis. Two hundred satoshis dispensed by some faucets shall be enough to entice players into betting on dice games. If players enjoy it, they can sign up and use their own money.

Similar to Bitcoin casinos, the best Bitcoin dice casinos also give players bonuses. Oftentimes, new players are greeted with welcome bonuses and with deposit bonuses. That is why before signing up for any site, it’s important that you check out different dice casinos and compare the perks they offer to new players. Don’t settle for a casino that only has a 50% deposit bonus. Look for more. You might as well find a dice casino that gives a 100% deposit bonus.

You can also get a reward if you’re part of a dice affiliate program. The best Bitcoin dice sites give off profits to its partners depending on the number of people who click, sign up, and play through affiliate links. Essentially, it’s like getting free money just by sharing a fun game with other people.

Such earning scheme for affiliates is actually easy. When you get your affiliate link, use it in your forum signature and post it on your blog. Next, spread the affiliate link to friends and get them to join. As you give your referred players some good time playing dice games, you give your bankroll a great boost. And with a healthy bankroll, you can play at the best Bitcoin dice sites longer.

Lastly, it’s important to check Bitcoin dice contact promptness. The best Bitcoin dice sites usually provide live or email support to players and affiliates alike. Send them a message and see how long it takes them to reply. The faster they respond, the better. And when they do, it pays to check whether their response is helpful, or not at all.