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Offline, dice games look like a kid’s game. But in online gambling, dice games offer quick profit and excitement. Wondering why people enjoy playing dice games with Bitcoin? Do you wonder why people love to play dice? Did you know that people can win Bitcoins with dice? Are you curious about where to find the best Bitcoin dice games? Were you ever aware that Bitcoin dice casinos exist? Curious about what it takes to be part of Bitcoin dice affiliates?

Best Bitcoin Dice
This site has all the information you need. If you’re curious about virtual online dice, you’ll enjoy our recommendations. We have the latest Bitcoin Dice News to keep you updated. If you’re looking for the best Bitcoin dice casinos, we have Bitcoin Dice Reviews of our favorites. When you’ve finished reading, you’ll know how to find the best Bitcoin dice casino.

Bitcoin Dice Options

There are plenty of Bitcoin dice casinos around. Sometimes they all start looking like a Bitcoin Dice clone army. While each site may look similar, every one of them has a unique feature. Maybe one dice site offers a larger bitcoin faucet. Another Bitcoin dice site can offer a lower house edge. The best Bitcoin dice site can depend on what you’re looking for.

There are many kinds of Bitcoin gambling games to try. You can play most dice games from the browser. No download dice game software here. Best of all, there are free Bitcoin Dice sites. You can get a feel for the dice casino without spending money. Even if you don’t know how to play dice, it is easy to learn.  Some dice casinos will offer new players money from their bitcoin faucet.

You can even try out a dice simulator. A dice simulator can help you test betting systems. It uses game credits, so you won’t be losing any of your own bitcoins. Signing up for a Bitcoin dice casino can be relaxing. Sometimes you don’t even need to look for a dedicated dice casino. More and more Bitcoin casinos will have a section for dice games. This way you can get your preferred Bitcoin casino bonus and enjoy the best Bitcoin dice games in one place.

Learning how to play dice is easy. The difficult part is how to win dice games. Online there are players that share their experiences. Then they will share their best Bitcoin dice sites. After reading a few reviews, you can try for yourself. No matter what Bitcoin dice site you choose, always aim for provably fair ones.

Play the best provably fair Bitcoin dice

You might see ‘provably fair’ while looking for the best Bitcoin dice site. It’s what separates Bitcoin dice from other games. Provably fair is technology that helps keep players and casinos from cheating. After all, who can really be sure that the casino isn’t making players lose? Before provably fair tech, players had to trust that the dice casino was playing fair.

Today, players can check suspicious plays. Provably fair uses a Bitcoin cryptographic known as a hash function. Using this, players can confirm that the results are truly random. Strong hashes are hard to crack. Concrete evidence is the Bitcoin network. Its cryptography has not been broken yet.

The hash function allows the casino to show trustworthiness to the player. The tech can prove that the casino didn’t change their seed without the player seeing the seed. Another good thing about provably fair is there is no ‘universal’ formula. Every casino does it differently. The formula behind a dice game is different from a formula for Blackjack.

Provably fair uses a Bitcoin cryptographic known as a hash function. Using this, players can confirm that the results are truly random. Strong hashes are hard to crack. Concrete evidence is the Bitcoin network. Its cryptography has not been broken yet.

For Bitcoin dice sites, provably fair happen this way:

  • The server produces a random seed. The number that the casino chose is here.
  • The server seed becomes a hash and sent to the player.
  • The player also gives a random seed.
  • These two seeds will combine to show the result of the roll.
  • The player can now see the server seed. If the number matches the hash, then the roll is fair.

If the casino changed their number, the seed wouldn’t match. The best Bitcoin dice casinos are provably fair. There’s nothing worse than playing at a dice casino that makes you lose on purpose.

Get Bitcoin dice bonuses and free bitcoins

The most popular Bitcoin Dice sites are the ones with bitcoin faucets. A bitcoin faucet rewards players with some bitcoins by solving a simple problem or completing a captcha. It needs these to stop players from refreshing the faucet and claiming the coins for themselves.

Some dice sites will have a faucet. All players need to do is to click on it. Then, they will get some bitcoins. Every dice site’s policy for the faucet will be different. Commonly, these faucets give out satoshi. Satoshis are the smallest Bitcoin unit. In one Bitcoin, there is 100,000,000 satoshis. Some bitcoin dice faucets will give out 200 satoshis. These are enough to try betting on dice games. If players enjoy it, they can sign up and use their own money.

Similar to Bitcoin casinos, the best Bitcoin dice casinos also give players bonuses. Joining a bitcoin dice casino can get players access to deposit bonuses. Before joining any, it’s important to check out different dice casinos. Don’t settle for a casino that only has a 50% deposit bonus. Look for more. You might find a dice casino that gives a 100% deposit bonus.

You can also get a bonus if you’re part of a dice affiliate program. The best Bitcoin dice site will have rewards depending on how many people click on your link, sign up and play. Essentially, it’s like getting free money just because you shared a fun game with other people.

Becoming an affiliate is easy. When you get your affiliate link, use it in your forum signature; post it on your blog. Spread the affiliate link to friends and get them to join. Then everyone can have a good time playing dice games. Getting rewards from being an affiliate can help pad your bankroll. With a healthy bankroll, you can play at the best Bitcoin dice sites longer.

Lastly, it’s important to check Bitcoin Dice Contact details. The best Bitcoin dice site will have good live support or email. Then, try and see if support will reply to you. Send them a message and see how long it will take to reply. The last thing you need is to wait around for staff that doesn’t have any answers.


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