Dice Strategy

To the uninitiated, Bitcoin dice strategy may seem complex in comparison with the dice rules which are just easy to master. Perhaps, what makes the strategy complex is its variety. In other words, there are ways more than one on how to win dice. These ways or strategies are what you ought to know in order for you to decide which Bitcoin dice system will suit you best.

Dice strategy

Dice rules first before strategy

Before getting into the dice strategy, it’s imperative that you refresh yourself first of the simple rules on how to play Bitcoin dice. Don’t worry about complexities because the following rules are a no-brainer:

  • First, adjust the win chance and decide how much bet you will place. Remember: The higher the win chance, the lower the potential payout is; the lower the win chance, the higher the potential payout is.
  • Now decide whether to roll over or roll under the number designated by the win chance you chose.
  • When you’re done controlling those variables, hit the Roll button.

Bitcoin dice games may vary in terms of platform but you will find that most of them follow the same exact rules enumerated here. Having a know-how of the best Bitcoin dice games, you may now let the dice strategy come in.

Dice strategy

Dice strategies to boost your win chance

While all provably fair dice games generate numbers at random, you can always boost your win chance by strategizing according to the following pointers.

  • Martingale Strategy – This tactic is a very popular dice strategy that allows you to bet the same amount if you win, and keep betting double if you lose. If you have never heard about this dice winning strategy, it goes something like this: the player chooses his odds that will double his money if he wins. Every time he loses, he doubles his bet so that he will recoup from his losses. If he loses again, he doubles again. If everything goes according to plan, the player should be able to make money indefinitely, simply by doubling his bet to win back any losses.
  • D’Alembert Strategy – This dice strategy is almost the same with the Martingale Strategy except here, you do not double your bet when you lose but rather just increase the amount of your bet by 1x on your next roll. And when you win, you don’t reduce your bet by half but rather by one also. Remember: You should only wager the amount you can afford to lose, and never go over that amount. Always use a money management system to prevent yourself from losing substantial amounts of bitcoins.

Dice strategy

  • Paroli Strategy – Here, you begin by betting an amount of your choice. If that bet wins, double your bet in your next rolls until you incur a loss. But if you continue to be in a winning streak and have already won big, consider tempering your bet. In other words, each time you lose and each time you notice a series of wins, reduce the amount of your bet. This dice strategy is relatively safer than the D’Alembert and Martingale strategies, because this scheme aims at taking advantage of the lucky straight wins.
  • Hybrid Strategy – If you think your dice rolling session will be a long spree, consider doing a mix-and-match of the first three tactics mentioned. Try out one strategy for a couple of rolls and see if it works. If it does not, consider switching to another tactic. And if it gives you the upper hand, stay right beside that dice strategy until you feel it’s about time you make your betting streaks follow a different pattern.

Indeed, there is no surefire dice strategy to beat the odds. However, it wouldn’t be a mistake if you try your hand with the above mentioned strategies. After all, it is given that it is impossible to control luck but you have all the power and means to adjust how much you’ll bet and how much you’ll possibly win basing on a strategic plan.