Dice Rules

We all know that Bitcoin dice is basically a game of chance. However, just like other casino games, knowing the basic rules is a must in order to beat the odds. We at Best Bitcoin Dice, do not take things for granted, that’s why we are here to provide you with the basic dice rules to improve your odds of winning. You can always refer to these rules whenever the need arise.

Learning the Basics

The most important aspect you have to know with the Bitcoin dice rules is the game objective. Without this, it would be impossible for you to win the game. In Bitcoin dice, your main goal is to predict the outcome of the roll. There is also a bitcoin dice system that can be really advantageous once you master. If in the usual dice game you have 6 options to choose from which corresponds to the 6 faces of the cube, in Bitcoin dice you just have two options to choose from: ‘Roll-Hi’ and ‘Roll-Lo.’ However, some sites only offer the ‘Roll-Lo’ option, which means that if the number where you placed your bet on is lower than the result of the draw, you will get the winnings. However, there are sites that offer the opposite. Whatever your preference, Bitcoin dice will sure give you tons of bitcoins if you play the game right.

Actually, there are no specific rules enacted in this Bitcoin game. The only difference between the standard dice game and Bitcoin dice is that the latter allows you to “adjust” your win odds and payouts. Besides, you just have to predict the outcome of the roll; if your prediction is correct, then you win. Otherwise, better try your luck in the next game.

Once you have “mastered” the game’s objective, you can now start rolling the dice. Dice rules are simple things that can greatly affect your dice strategy when you play dice. By getting yourself familiar with the rules, you will be guided accordingly as you play. Who knows? You could be the next Bitcoin millionaire by simply rolling the dice.