Dice Rules

Dice RulesDice rules are easy to learn and understand, especially the rules to follow in Bitcoin dice. You can find several formats of this game online and these have differences in terms of how you play the game. However, these variations follow the general rules of playing dice. You can still expect a game that is easy to play and that gives you huge wins.

Rules to remember

If you want to know how to play dice, you need to follow the following simple dice rules:

  1. You need to enter or adjust the betting mount
  2. Determine the number that you are going to bet
  3. Know whether you are going to roll over or roll under (some online sites have “roll-hi” or “roll-lo” as their options)
  4. Hit the roll the dice button
  5. If you win, you will get your payment. If you lose, there is no payout.

Dice Rules

Other important things to remember

The rules above are plain and simple, and you will be able to understand the game more if you try to remember the dice rules. There are other things that you need to know about this version that will help you have an amazing gaming experience.

One important thing to remember about this version of Dice is that you need to have a Bitcoin wallet that is compatible with the site at which you wish to play. Some websites require specific wallets that are compatible with their system. You need to know what those wallets are. If you know how Bitcoin works, then obtaining wallets should be easy.

Dice Rules

Knowing the rules of Bitcoin Dice is most important

It will also be easier for you to make decisions, especially on betting, if you know the objective of the game which is to predict the outcome of every roll. Knowing the objective, in addition to knowing the dice rules, will also help you remember the rules of the game, since there is a connection between the rules and the objective. You can even form strategies related to the rules.

Dice RulesYou also need to remember that Dice, just like any other gambling games, is a game of pure luck. What this means is that you cannot control the outcome of the game. You might encounter cheats for this game online, but you cannot be sure if those apply to you. Winners who give out cheats online win because of pure luck as well.

What will help you the most in this game is familiarity with the dice rules. These rules might also give you ideas about strategies that will be useful during the gameplay. You can expect to learn all these rules and strategies quickly, especially when try them out as you play the free game version of dice.

What makes this version unique

Dice Rules

Not only does this version have simple dice rules, but also it gives you the advantage of adjusting almost everything, including the betting amount and betting odds. Also, you can always learn about what to do after some winning or losing situations in this version. For example, you see yourself in a losing streak; you can adjust to your situation either by lowering your bet or changing your betting decision. All you need to do is wait for the outcome of the roll and hope that it favors you so you have an amazing Bitcoin dice game experience. Otherwise, you can adjust your strategy on the next roll.

Dice rules will help you get the huge sums of wins that makes this game popular among players. Always remember to familiarize yourself with the dice rules so that the next time you hit the Roll the Dice button of any Bitcoin dice game, you can have a good time and you might even end up as the next to top the list of high Bitcoin winners of the game.