Win Bitcoins with Dice

Who would not love to win bitcoins with dice? This simple, easy, and absolutely skill-free game has become a massive hit in the Bitcoin betting community, and this is attributed to its fast-paced nature and its ability to accept small bets.

Although the lack of skills in this game may put off certain gamblers, numerous bettors who are in for the entertainment and for the experience view this as an additional component to the thrill and excitement Bitcoin dice brings.

Understanding any online dice game eliminates the need to master strategies or read endless guides. If you desire to play dice with Bitcoin, know how the game works since not all games are the same. Ace this part and you will be bringing yourself closer to win bitcoins with dice without breaking a sweat.

The most common online game variant is called Roll Hi, Roll Lo. This basically refers to the value yielded when the dice are rolled. If you bet that the rolled dice will be higher than the given value, you will win if and only if the value is indeed higher. The same concept applies to betting on the other option.

Another popular system used on Bitcoin dice websites is the Roll Lo dice game. Here, the platform will have a preset range of numbers with corresponding winning odds and payout multiplier. The primary objective here is to predict within what range the rolled dice will fall in. The larger the range is, the higher the chances to win, but the smaller the payout will be. Larger payouts can be at hand if you have correctly predicted the value within a smaller range.

By simply playing either of these two popular Bitcoin dice games, you are already increasing your opportunities of scoring better winnings, even with just a millibitcoin wager.

There you have it, the hassle-free ways to win bitcoins with dice. Make sure to always have enough bitcoins as your bankroll, though, and to pick the right dice casino game for you. Start rolling the dice and win loads of bitcoins!