Most Popular Bitcoin Dice

There is absolutely no question to the popularity of Bitcoin dice. The number of bettors hooked to betting on this game already proves that it is a hit. After all, who can say ‘no’ to this fast-paced, easy-to-learn game of luck?

With the strong demand for online dice games, the betting community witnessed the rise of numerous platforms that offer this kind of Bitcoin game. Among all the brands, however, it is inevitable for enthusiasts to have their own pick as the most popular Bitcoin dice. Thus, pinpointing the best dice site—one that lords over the others—may be a cause of argument. Instead, it will be wise to mention the Bitcoin dice brands that stand out in the market.

  1. SatoshiDice – Regarded as the pioneer in online dice betting, SatoshiDice rightfully deserves to be commended for setting the pace for the newer dice platforms in the Bitcoin gambling market. Known for its instant betting feature, players can simply send their wagers to the addresses for each bet right away. Even after being sold to its new operators, SatoshiDice continues to become a popular brand on the gambling scene.
  2. Primedice 3 – If there was an award for the most innovative and proactive Bitcoin dice, Primedice will easily go home with it. Currently in its latest version called Primedice 3, this brand constantly changes its aesthetics and services, much to the delight and benefit of the bettors. It features a Bitcoin faucet for free betting and its platform is provably fair. There is no wonder, then, that numerous dice enthusiasts list Primedice as the most popular Bitcoin dice.
  3. SatoshiBONES – Already over a year in the market, SatoshiBONES is definitely one of the renowned sites for betting on dice games online. Boasting a revamp in its design and theme earlier this year, this Bitcoin dice has unique qualities instrumental for its success and longevity in the business. Moreover, this brand caters for Litecoin and Dogecoin players.

These dice sites, together with the rest of the brands in the Bitcoin dice niche, all share common features: instant betting and quick payouts. With just a few clicks, your bets will be processed right away and the winnings are transferred to your Bitcoin wallet in a snap.

However, the reality is some platforms have more features than the others, resulting in a clear demarcation between the best dice sites and those that need improvements. Also, having a provably fair dice game makes any brand all the more attractive, reliable, and safe. Thus, if you are searching for a site to play dice on, ensure that it is one of the most popular Bitcoin dice platforms online!