Learning how to play dice games is fun. Sometimes though, even the best Bitcoin dice players want to try out a new game. It’s even better if the game uses dice. If you want more games to play with friends and family, Farkle is the Bitcoin dice game for you.

Before anything else, figure out how many people are playing. If you want to play Farkle you’ll need at least one more player. Your goal is to get the highest score above 10,000 points during the final round. If you can get friends and family to join in, you can make it more fun by playing for a bit of cash.

How to Play Farkle

You’ll need 6 6-sided dice, a notebook, and a pencil to keep score. Everyone that’s playing will get to throw the dice. Depending on the roll, you get a score. The longer Farkle goes on; every player will get more points. A turn goes like this:

  1. Throw all the dice at once
  2. One or more scoring dice will be put to one side
  3. Choose to end your turn and bank the score, or
  4. Continue and throw the other dice

If you get 6 dice with scores, you have “hot dice.” You can continue the turn and get to throw the dice again. You can add the reroll score to the score you already have. There’s no limit to how many “hot dice” a player can get in a turn.

When your dice roll doesn’t result in a score, you have “farkled.” All of their points that turn is now gone. At the end of your turn, the next player gets the dice. People usually play Farkle going clockwise. If anyone reaches 10,000 points the other players get one final turn to score enough points to beat that high score.

Getting Points

There are three ways to score points:

  • If you roll a 1, that is 100 points.
  • Roll a 5 and you get 50 points.
  • If you get three dice with the same value (all rolled at once) it’s worth x100 the face value. If for example, you get three 5’s, that’s 500 points.

One exception is getting three 1s. If that happens, you get 1,000 points, instead of 100. If you’re playing Farkle for prize money, give your stake to the banker. It’s easier to divide winnings if you have even numbers. Farkle is easy to learn and great for a night with friends and family.