Crown and Anchor

At their core, Bitcoin dice players are people who love games. Every now and then, even they need something new to play. There’s nothing quite like wondering how to play dice games again. This is where games like Crown and Anchor come in.

Crown and Anchor is a Bitcoin dice game played by sailors in the Royal Navy. Fishing fleets and British merchants also enjoy this game. You can play it for fun or stay true to the sailors and play it for gambling.

The History of Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor began in the 18th century. It remains popular in Bermuda and Channel Islands. However, this game is controlled and people can play it during special days. In this game, you use three special dice. The Bdice look like regular dice, except without the dots. Instead of dots, they have six symbols: Crown, anchor, spade, club, and heart.

The last four symbols are the same ones on card suits. In this game, you play against a banker. For this game, you can use a felt mat or a canvas, too. On it will be the six symbols of Crown and Anchor. You place your bets on either one or more of these symbols. Then you get to roll three dice.

If there’s a bet on any of the symbols that come up on one or more dice, the player wins. He gets his stake back and then some. The banker gives the player a certain amount, depending on the dice that shows the winning symbol. If you get one of the symbols, you get even money. If there are two successful symbols, you get 2:1 of your bet. If the dice show 3 symbols, you get 3:1. But if there are no symbols that appear, the player loses.

The good thing about Crown and Anchor is there’s a chance for you to get your bet back and a bit extra.

There are different varieties of Crown and Anchor too. There’s a Flemish version where a bright sun replaces the crown symbol. The French version also uses the sun and theirs is called “Anchor, Spade, and Sun.”

Since this game is popular, it was only a matter of time before an online version showed up. In the online version, you don’t need to set up the cloth or rummage for change. Online games mean you get access to all of the fun without any hassle.