There are plenty of how to play dice game tips online, but few are more interesting than Dudo. It goes by many other names, like Perudo, Dadinho or Cacho. Dudo is a dice game where you can sharpen your skills in bluffing and probability. It’s a specific version of games known as “Liar’s Dice.”

Two players can enjoy this game, but you can have up to six players at once. It’s the Bitcoin dice version of poker. If you play for prize money, you could even make a profit at the end of the night.

Bid, Bluff, and Luck

Dudo is about luck, bluffing and probability. Everyone gets 5 dice and a dice cup. Everyone keeps their dice hidden in the cup. Every turn, everyone makes a guess about the total number of dice that everyone has rolled. This is where your skills in bluffing and probability are tested.

You need to increase the bid with every turn. You have two objectives for this Bitcoin dice game:

  1. Beat the last player’s guess
  2. Force the player after you to make an unrealistic guess.

Anytime you think someone’s lying, you say “Dudo!” if your guess was right, they lose a die. If you called it wrong, you lose a die. If you want to win, you need to be the last player of the game to have dice.

Playing the Game

Everyone takes a dice cup and 5 dice. To start, try rolling one die. If you have the highest roll, you get to go first. After the first turn, the next player is up. From there, go clockwise. Everyone puts their dice in the cup, shakes it and then put their cups on the table. The cup has to cover all the dice.

Then, each person secretly checks their dice. If one of your dice rolls has a 1, that’s an Ace or a ‘wild’ die. From there, the first player makes their call. The guess should be the total number of dice they think everyone has rolled, and not just theirs. Before making your own call, make a note of:

  • The total number of dice in Dudo. If people keep losing dice, it can be hard to keep track of it.
  • Aces count as a wild. They can be any number of the dice. Wild dice makes it harder for people to guess. You can’t begin a round by calling aces.

After the first player’s turn, the second needs to make a choice: accept the call and make a higher one, or say Dudo and call the last person’s bluff. Use your skills in Bitcoin dice probability and play your way to victory.