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Crypto Cee LoLabeled as the ‘first multi crypto-currency casino’, Crypto Cee-Lo offers a quick, smart, and simple way to gamble your BTC or LTC in an advanced dice game. It is another addition to the burgeoning numbers of bitcoin dice sites online, and just like other competing brands, it offers several reasons you must opt to play and stay in their gaming platform.

Play with only 1% House Edge

This is the lowest house edge percentage offered by any reputable gambling site. It works not on your odds of winning, but on the payout you will receive. If you win in a roll, you will get an amount twice the amount of your bet wherein 99% will go straightaway to your bankroll and the remaining 1% will go to the house.

Instant Betting

To start playing at Crypto Cee-Lo, you can immediately place a wager without even making an account. All you have to do is choose whether you will play with Bitcoin or Litecoin. Once you have your choice, you can send the required amount of bet to the corresponding address provided. No confirmation is needed.

Roll Simple yet Delightful Dice Game

You are allowed to modify the win odds or bet amount in the gaming platform. After this, you have to choose to ‘Roll Over’ or ‘Roll Under’ over the respective numbers on their percentile dice. If the lucky number is within your target range, you will be given the corresponding payouts.

Receive your Payouts in a Flash

Once you have all your bets completed, you can get your earnings immediately in one click. Just enter the amount you want them to send you and in just few minutes, expect your payout in your private wallet. You can also leave a balance in your account and it will remain there permanently, but of course, it is wiser to make sure that you have enjoyed every satoshi of your earnings.

Each Roll Made at Crypto Cee-Lo is Fair

This bitcoin dice site offers Provably Fair Gaming. Given this feature, you are guaranteed that the winning numbers are solely dependent on the client seed and daily secret hash so they have no way of manipulating the results even if you don’t know much about Bitcoin Dice systems. You can verify the fairness and legitimacy of every single roll by doing some calculations. Worry not because the steps on how to do this are given in the site.

Is Crypto Cee-Lo a Scam?

Having been launched recently, this Bitcoin Dice site hasn’t received any complaints or involvement in a scam issue. But of course, since it is a new dice site, you must be cautious in taking a dip in their gaming platform. Gamble with small amounts first and see if what they offer can satisfy your gaming tastes. Because with the aforementioned highlights, Crypto Cee-Lo has the potential to be a good cryptocurrency dice site in the long run.