Dice2Dice2 is an easy and mobile-friendly dicing website. It is another bitcoin gambling platform where you can play a fast dice game with a low house edge of only 1% even with your mobile device or android gadget. While it is true that some of its features are just like the other dice sites, you can still expect innovative highlights that are available only in this site.

Earn Free Coins

At Dice2, you can earn free coins. All you have to do is simply click the ‘link’ given and enter the captcha code correctly. By doing so, you will be rewarded some free coins to play additional rounds in the dice game. You can enjoy this feature without making a deposit. What’s even better is when you win using these free coins; the site owner will give your payout. In a nutshell, it’s like playing and winning for free.

Web 2.0 Style

With this feature, you can expect a fun yet easy gaming experience. Compared to other Bitcoin Dice sites, you are guaranteed that Dice2 looks better and easier to use. The interface is smooth and the control buttons are responsive. The gaming platform is retained simple with no extras. This made the game appears very easy and less complicated. Given this, you can immediately roll the dice in this portal even you are a new to Bitcoin dice game and have limited understanding on how Bitcoin Dice systems work.

Play Anytime and Anywhere

Wherever and whenever, you can definitely roll the dice in this site in the palm of your hand. Given the fact that it is built in HTML5 technology, Dice2 can be accessed through the browser of your iPhone, iPad, or other android gadgets. This will give you limitless chance of not only enjoying the game, but also winning.

Profit more by referring new players

Dice2 offers a generous affiliate programs for webmasters. Hence, if you have a website, ad-space or any other traffic sources, grab this good opportunity to earn more. They have attractive links and banners available in addition to good payout commission waiting for you.

Features Similar to other Dice sites

Aside from anonymous and Provably Fair gaming, you can also enjoy a low house edge of 1% in this site. More than that, you are the master of your dice game because you are free to pick your own odds of winning. You can also get the most of their ‘auto rolling’ feature, which allows you to make hundreds of rolls in just one click. Of course, you can also relish their live on-site chat room to talk with other online players.

Evolve Quickly with Features you Suggest

Dice2 improves their site by providing new features and offers. What’s great about this is the fact that most of these highlights are promoted mainly by their users. So if in case, you are looking for a unique feature you can’t find in other platforms, you can try your luck and suggest it to them. You can definitely send them an email at dazee.dice2@gmail.com for propositions, questions, and concerns.