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Dogecoin DiceDice enthusiasts are guaranteed to enjoy playing the new dice game featured on RollTheCoin; however, this betting site accepts Dogecoin instead of the more popular virtual currency Bitcoin. Thus, players who wish to experience the excitement this gambling venue brings should prepare to get a taste of what online Dogecoin gambling can offer.

It should be noted first, though, that RollTheCoin is not a casino; it is a betting site that offers only one game, which is called Dogecoin Dice, a provably fair game that posts a low house edge of 0.98%.

Despite the fact that this dice game is exclusive to this alternative cryptocurrency, it showcases familiar features that are also found in numerous Bitcoin dice online. While this may hint that Dogecoin Dice lacks originality and creativity, it can actually work to its advantage since most dice bettors are now familiar with the game mechanics. Therefore, it would become much more inviting because of the convenience it brings.

On its gameplay, bettors must only need to indicate the winning percentage or chance they prefer. This means that if they choose a 90% chance of winning, there is a high probability that they will win the payout. However, the multiplier will be set to a low value, resulting in a relatively low payout. On the other hand, setting the win chance to 10%, for instance, will boost the payout multiplier to 9.90 but will require the players to generate a value that is either more than 90 or less than 10 in order to win.

Meanwhile, when it comes to depositing and withdrawing funds, online bettors should not experience any problem at all because RollTheCoin comes with a reliable payment system. Nevertheless, it is essential for players to take note of the important notes to avoid confusion in the long run.

The process of depositing into the account should only take six minutes. Bettors can transfer Dogecoin by sending it directly to the provided wallet address or by scanning the QR code shown on the site. Either method will entail a minimum deposit amount of 0.00000001 Doge and three confirmations.

Withdrawing funds, on the other hand, requires the Doge address and the amount of at least 0.0002 Doge. Cash outs can be processed as quickly as possible, provided that the most recent deposit has already received 10 confirmations on the Dogecoin network the least.

Besides these services, RollTheCoin has also equipped its Dogecoin Dice game with more features that make it a clear standout in the world of online Dogecoin betting. Among these extra services is the ability to automatically wager using a bot, to instantly create an account and later on secure it with a password, and to engage in conversations via the chat feature.

By combining all these gambling services, RollTheCoin has created an enticing game in the form of Dogecoin Dice. Thus, fans of the dice casino game and those curious to experience betting with Doge should definitely check out how much fun and winnings this betting site and its game can reward you with.