FastBluffFastBluff makes betting on Bitcoin dice game a lot more entertaining and profitable, which has become a massive hit among dice enthusiasts who desire to have fun and win big at the same time. Although still new in the world of Bitcoin online gambling, this dice game is poised to become popular with the help from its exceptional and promising gaming features as well as professional services that will certainly make every bettor’s betting experience more convenient. As such, fans of betting on dice with bitcoins now have a new venue to check out.

Modern and Professional Betting Interface

When it comes to the Bitcoin dice betting interface, FastBluff is already a sure winner. Employing a minimalist design that creates a more modern appeal, this game’s interface still achieves to exude professionalism, which greatly targets younger or more contemporary Bitcoin bettors. Moreover, the layout of each gaming element is smartly done so as to create a user-friendly experience. With the area for rolling the dice placed in the middle on top of the betting history, players will have an easy access to the buttons they need in order to operate the game.

Easy and Familiar Dice Game Mechanics

The Roll Hi/Roll Lo concept is widely popular in the industry of online gambling; that is why even novice players will never have a difficult time adjusting or learning the mechanics of this game. The key point to remember when playing this dice game is that the higher the payout multiplier is, the lesser chance for the rolled dice to win. On the other hand, when the multiplier is low, there is a bigger probability for the players to win. Moreover, a prediction must be placed in order to roll the dice, and this involves speculating whether the rolled dice will be higher or lower than the figure specified by the chosen parameters.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Gaming

FastBluff has made its game provably fair, which means that bettors can be positive that the game is guaranteed to be fair and free from any form of manipulation. Players can also alter their client seed in order to further make the game random. Moreover, each result of the dice roll can be checked for fairness, accuracy, and reliability even with little knowledge on the Bitcoin dice system.

Efficient Methods of Depositing and Withdrawing Funds

Transferring bitcoins has never been easy with the system devised by this betting site. However, it should be noted that all deposits must reach at least one confirmation before they get reflected in the total balance and that withdrawals require all incoming transactions to be confirmed.

More Ways to Win Bitcoins

Aside from the fact that this Bitcoin-powered dice game has a low house edge of 1%, it also features a Lottery faucet, which not only gives out free bitcoins to registered players, but also gives everyone the chance to win 1 BTC. Through this, FastBluff has even made itself more attractive, especially to avid dice bettors who want to secure more bitcoins.