LetsDiceIf you are looking for more, give LetsDice a try. This Bitcoin Dice site is one of the newest faces in the bitcoin betting industry. However, it has already catered the interests of bitcoin gamers due to its offers, especially the ‘enhanced user experience’. Just like other bitcoin dice platforms, it provides both on-and-of blockchain betting so you can expect of a convenient and in-a-flash dice rolls.

Play with Anonymity

Signing up is not required at LetsDice. The moment you entered the site, your account has already been set up. You just have to bookmark your personal url since this will be your key to access your account even in other computer. However, if you want maximum safety for your account, you can provide your username and password to avoid hassles in the future.

 Play in Manual, Auto, and Simple Modes

At LetsDice, you have the choices on how you want to roll your bitcoin dice – manual, auto, or simple.

Manual mode: This is the most familiar way to play dice. All you have to do is to predict whether the lucky number will be higher or lower than the win odds you selected.   You can choose the size of the payout you want to receive and the corresponding winning odds will be adjusted.

Auto mode: It functions like the latter; however, it allows you to define the parameters of your bet and choose what will happen if you win or lose. You will be given the chance to choose the Target Profit, Maximum Loss, and Delay. The automatic ‘rolls’ of the dice will be determined or limited by your given parameters.

Simple mode: This is the dice game we all know. It is played by literally rolling a pair of dice. You have to bet whether their added value together is lower or higher than number 7.

No Network Confirmation Needed

You don’t have to wait that long for your deposit to be credited and withdrawal to be approved. Zero confirmation is needed in this bitcoin dice site. Given this, you can expect of almost instant transactions – play the dice game instantly and receive your payouts promptly. On the other hand, they collect transaction fee of 0.0005 BTC.

Multilingual and User-friendly Interface

LetsDice offers an easy to use gaming platform. Everyone can play and win in their site since all are easy to understand and use even if he or she doesn’t have a basic understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems. Straightforward, the interface and control buttons will allow you enjoy the bitcoin dice in any mode – no sweat. On the other hand, several languages like Chinese, Russian, and Spanish are supported aside from English.

Still, LetsDice has more features to offer you. This is why it is important to check their site out. It has never received any complaints and it is clear from any scam or fraud labels; hence, you are safe with this site. For more details, you can always contact them via email martin.gale888@gmail.com.