MadPayClaimed to be the ‘world’s best bitcoin dice game’, MadPay is one of the bitcoin dice sites worth checking out. It highlights four great features such as free gaming, play off the block-chain feature, mobile-friendliness, and a very low house advantage of only 0.5%. Definitely, these are good motivations to take a step forward, so let’s put these features and more under a magnifying lens.

Try the Dice Game for Free

At MadPay, you can certainly roll the bitcoin dice they have in store for free. Instantly, you will be given 1,000 play coins to try your hands at the game. If you haven’t had your fill of it and you make an account, it will be topped up with another 1,000 coins. You can use these free coins to play dice free and take good advantage of it by learning some strategies, getting familiar with the platform, and of course, gaining full confidence to play in the ‘Real Money’ mode.

Play a State-of-the-art Bitcoin Dice Games

Cool and simple, MadPay’s dice game is fun and addictive. Though it is an advanced version, you can be assured of its simplicity even with minimal understanding of Bitcoin Dice systems. All you have to do is bet from 1.1x to 100x. The number you will choose corresponds to where your bet will be multiplied if you win. The lower the number you wagered on the more chances of winning, but of course, lower payout will be received. So if you want bigger sums of winnings, place your bet on bigger numbers. The minimum bet is 1 mBTc and the maximum us 1000 mBTC.

Sign Up and Get Started

Making an account is a must in this bitcoin dice site. Fret not because this can be done in a flash given the fact that username and password are the only details required. After your account is set, you can immediately fund your account by sending some BTCs to the personal address given. It will be credited your account once the necessary number of network confirmations is met.

MadPay is Mobile-Friendly

Wherever life takes you, you can be assured of a mighty fine game in this site since it can be accessed and enjoyed in your mobile device or android gadget. Certainly, you have all the pleasures of playing and winning anytime and anywhere you want.

Enjoy Provably Fair Gaming

MadPay is Provably Fair. Using the hash of the random seed, last seed value, and custom seed value they will show publicly, you are given the chance to verify the winning results of the rounds you played promptly. Complete guides on how to the verification process is given in their site.

Great Improvements Going-on

Currently, MadPay is giving their gaming platform a good boost to offer more high-end features and excellent offers. This is their way of showing how dedicated they are to live up to their label of being the world’s best Bitcoin Dice game. Given this, it is a must to get ready for these new improvements and seize every opportunity that will be offered at your doorstep.

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