ZeusDiceIt is definitely a challenge for new Bitcoin Dice sites to offer something unique and refreshing. At the same time, it is also a task for Bitcoin players to find a gaming platform that provides an ultimate dice rolling experience. Fortunately, nothing is impossible with ZeusDice as it brings various state-of-the-art highlights to give Bitcoin gamers premium gaming actions.

The More you Play the More your Earn Rewards

There are two types of rewards offered in this gaming platform – the leaderboard system and the point system:

  • Leaderboard System – The system is divided into three parts, the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. During the Daily and Weekly Leaderboards, three players that acquire the highest points will be given rewards. On the other hand, during the Monthly leaderboard, the player who has the highest points gets paid.

  • Point System – It works on how much you bet. The more wagers you have placed, the more points you will reap, which you can use to get into the top of the Leaderboard and receive great Bitcoin bonuses.

Refund on Bets

You will never be left down and out at ZeusDice because all players have the chance to get a refund on their bets. If you get 12 consecutive losing bets, you will get a refund for you 12th bet on all the bets you will place in the future.

0% House Edge

Unbelievable. This might be the first thing that pops up in your mind. As what most players claimed, this is a too good to be true feature. After all, they are offering great rewards as well as refunds and yet they don’t take percentage return from their players.  As an explanation, they have claimed that, ‘We don’t believe in taking a profit from players’ profit.’

No Confirmation Required On Deposits

You don’t have to wait even for a few seconds to roll the dice at ZeusDice. Just send the Bitcoins you wish to fund your account to the wallet address given. Once you are done with this step, you can immediately play without waiting to receive a network confirmation.

Outstanding and Foolproof Gaming Platform

ZeusDice unquestionably offers one the best bitcoin dice gaming platform. Its vibrant colors and rich graphics will definitely whet your gaming appetite. Moreover, the interface is responsive and the control buttons are direct. Even with basic familiarity with Bitcoin Dice systems, you will be able to maneuver around ZeusDice’s platform with great ease. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about because everything is made quick and easy. In fact, a new player can easily get acquainted in the gaming platform and even good sums in no time.

Rewards and exceptional features – these are the things that make ZeusDice different from other dice sites. It is new in this industry and positively, it has gathered commendable comments from its users. In addition, no major concern and scam issues have been reported. So definitely, it is great to give it a try. Should you have further queries, clarifications, or comments, feel free to contact them at support@ZeusDice.com.