Ledger HW.1

The Ledger HW.1 is a small and affordable hardware Bitcoin wallet. The shape and size allow you to bring your wallet with you anywhere your go.

Having the Ledger HW.1 with you lets you protect your winnings from almost any of the best Bitcoin dice casinos. This is thanks to the many features it has within its tiny shape.

Security details

The Ledger HW.1 has a set of features that help to protect your Bitcoin. One of these features is its multi-signature. As the name suggests, the feature is a lock that will need two or more signatures to open. This is useful for a company if a manager wants to have more than one person present when verifying a Bitcoin payment.

One of the major concerns of Bitcoin owners is viruses and malware that could be hiding on their computer or mobile phone. There is certain malware that can change the Bitcoin address at the last minute when you are about to send the payment. This malware can send your Bitcoin dice winnings to someone’s wallet.

The Ledger HW.1 protects your Bitcoin from malware by locking your wallet with a microchip that uses a PIN code. The wallet also uses a two factor authentication system through the BitID system. This stick will send a push notice to your smart phone that will verify your payment. Thanks to this layer of security, your Bitcoin is safe even if you happen to plug the stick to a computer that is full of viruses and malware.

Benefits of Ledger HW.1

The main reason why people are leaning towards hardware wallets is in how you can easily remove any connection of it from the net. The reason that they are not considering getting one is the price for most wallets. Thanks to the Ledger HW.1 design, this wallet is only around $20.00 to $24.00.

If you are always looking to get a quick Bitcoin dice game fix while on a trip, the Ledger HW.1 is perfect for you. Its small shape makes it easier to place in your pocket, wallet, or smartphone cover sleeves. The wallet can protect your winnings from different Bitcoin dice casinos during your vacation.

As mentioned above, your wallet can fend off malwares and viruses. You can plug the stick in a public computer like the ones in airports or hotels. The Ledger wallet is safe than using an online wallet which is more vulnerable to most cyber-attacks.