Airbitz is a mobile Bitcoin wallet that ensures your account is secured and private. It is powerful, intuitive, and expandable. But how does this wallet do all of that?

Why choose Airbitz

Airbitz keeps your account secured by making sure that the wallet is encrypted and always protected against malware and other viruses. It also makes your account private by decentralizing user access and HD address rotation. Your wallet is also powerful because of its Bluetooth and NFC payments feature.

Moreover, the wallet is expandable because it has an Edge Login, Airbitz SDK, and other plugins. The wallet also has a simple account creation, where you do not have to write down any backup phrases or add any setting just to secure your account. Not only that, this mobile Bitcoin wallet also has a one-touch two-factor-authentication feature.

More upgrades to improve performance

Airbitz aims to improve more and more each year. Recently, it created a new feature that lets beginners understand not only the wallet, but also Bitcoin. The mobile app now has a merchant directory, Bluetooth low-energy payment, and cloud encryption. This wallet also created touchless transactions between users. It is to let users transact wirelessly without the need to physically scan the QR codes of one another.

This mobile wallet also aims to keep Bitcoin’s decentralized feature. This is the reason why Airbitz created a full node feature.  If you are not using a full node, it means that you trust a third party, but this full node feature lets you choose the protocol that you prefer. You have the power to voice out your comment regarding immediate changes on the network rules.

Lastly, this mobile app now has a partnership with Bity. It is a crypto currency exchange in Switzerland. With this partnership, you can now convert your Swiss Francs and Euros to bitcoins.

Airbitz as a whole

One of the main goals of this mobile wallet is to make it user-friendly. With its simple design, users will not have a hard time using it. It is recommended not only to beginners but also to players. This is because the wallet lets you create multiple wallets per account wherein you can separate your coins per usage.

A Bitcoin dice player can make a wallet just for the budget for the Bitcoin dice game. Not only that, but the player can also make a different wallet for the wins from a Bitcoin dice faucet and so on.