Bitcoin users add in number every day. And the more users there are, the higher the competition is among wallets. This is the reason why many user prefer to use Coinbase, a Bitcoin exchange company, because it also comes with a Bitcoin wallet. This company created a software Bitcoin wallet that gives you more benefits compared to other wallets.

Coinbase as a wallet

There are a lot of users who supported this wallet as soon as it got out. This is because Coinbase made a good reputation as a Bitcoin exchange, which is why users expect that it can work perfectly as a wallet. True enough, this software wallet can offer services that no other wallets can.

It offers a vault to store your bitcoins, apart from the software itself. You can move your cryptocurrencies from your wallet to your vault and vice versa. You also have the choice of sharing your vaults with fellow users. The vault feature reduces the risk of losing all your cryptocurrencies at once. What Coinbase does is to ensure that all its clients will have hassle-free transactions using its products.

Coinbase and its instant exchange feature

This wallet has a distinct feature which is the instant exchange. This is where you can send bitcoins and pay with your money in the same wallet. Conversion is easy as installing the Coinbase software. You only need to go to your account and click the Send/Request button. Then, you identify the recipient and type the amount of coins. The same button will be used when you want to sell your bitcoins. This feature has no fees and the only fiat currencies that you can use are the ones that this wallet supports.

The Shift Card

In addition to making payments easier, this wallet also supports the Shift card. This card is a VISA debit card that is connected to your wallet. You can use this on your local stores, restaurants, gas purchases, and bills. The card will notify your wallet about your purchases and remind you if you exceed your limit. Payments and transactions are still free but you have to pay $10 for the issuance.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in maintaining or earning more bitcoins, you can play a Bitcoin dice game. This type of Bitcoin game has been a trend, which is why there are a lot of Bitcoin dice sites and games that may also come with a Bitcoin dice faucet.